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A Call for Papers

The Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Laban P. Ayiro

Mixed Methods Research: Myth or Reality?

23rd July 2021

2:00pm – 4:30pm

A Call for Papers

A consensus is required in understanding the basic characteristics of mixed methods research.  As a field of methodology about 25 years old, this approach has common elements that can easily be identified. This does not rule out any possibilities of disagreements on the core meaning of this research approach. Mixed methods can be presented as a methodology, that is, as a research process originating from a broad philosophy and extending to interpretation and dissemination. It could also be positioned within a transformative perspective such as theories. Therefore, various definitions solely depend on the varied perspectives of individual authors.

On 23rd July 2021, Prof. Laban P. Ayiro, a professor of research methods and statistics, and also the Vice-Chancellor of Daystar University will be presenting his inaugural lecture at Daystar University’s Nairobi campus. Prof. Ayiro’s inaugural lecture looks at the mixed method as a method. In his perspective, he gives a distinct method orientation, one in which data collection, analysis, and interpretation hold center stage. As opposed to minimizing the importance of philosophy, methodology, or the research questions, this approach simply emphasizes the methods. Methods provide a specific, concrete way as an entry point to the field of mixed methods. In his discussion, he distinguishes between what mixed method IS from what it is NOT by providing core characteristics of mixed methods.  

A call for papers is therefore made for article submissions that offer a critical and reflective rebuttal to Prof. Ayiro’s inaugural lecture based on his perspectives about mixed methods research.

The article submissions are to critically reflect on the implication of mixed methods research in your areas of research interest and field of expertise. You may write your title and abstracts under the following themes:

  1. Paradigm wars in research methods.
  2. The challenges of defining mixed methods research
  3. Characteristics of mixed methods research
  4. Epistemological assumptions for using mixed methods research
  5. The latest thinking about mixed methods research
  6. Advances in mixed methods research
  7. Mixed methods and publication standards
  8. Mixed methods and inter/multidisciplinary research
  9. Creating quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods study aims
  10. Linking mixed methods research to the design
  11. Justification for mixed methods research


Abstract submission opens

1st August 2021

Abstract submission closes   

31st August 2021

Abstract acceptance notification

15th September

Full paper submission (6,000 – 8,000 words)

30th November 2021


May 2022

All abstracts and full paper submissions must be in Times New Roman, font x12, 1.5 spacing.

The interest of submission should be done by sending 300 words long abstract to inaugurallecture2021@daystar.ac.ke  on or before 31st August 2021.