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Administrative Experience

Vice. Chancellor  Daystar University- 29/3/2019 to date

Ag. Vice Chancellor – Moi University ( 19th September, 2016 to 22nd March2016)


  • As stipulated in Moi University Act, 1984 section 10(2),(b) and (c) and Statute V (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6)

Ag. Deputy Vice Administration, Planning & Development Moi University-

                        (1st September, 2016 to 18th September 2016)


  • Implement the University Strategic Plan
  • Signing Performance contract and cascading it to employees in the Division
  • Ensuring achievement of performance targets
  • Preparing staff in the Division for desired changes in working styles, attitudes and work ethics.
  • Coordinating of all administrative functions relating to:

-Human Resource


-Transport and Garage

-Central Services


-Performance contracting

-Planning and Infrastructural development

Director Quality Assurance – Moi University


  • Ensure that ISO and Performance Contracting Procedures and Targets are dove-tailed into the Quality Assurance Processes of the University.
  • Harmonize and develop procedure for supervision and examination of both Master’s and DPhil across the schools
  • Support the creation of conducive and supportive learning environments both internally and externally to the learning set-up.
  • Introduce and coordinate the Student-Lecturer Evaluation mechanism as an aspect of best practices internationally (as per the International Quality Assurance frameworks)
  • Analyze, synthesize and submit reports to management for necessary action on departmental external examiners reports
  • Initiate appropriate market surveys to determine appropriateness and relevance of our academic programmes in relation to market demands.
  • Liaise with departments to ensure that the necessary course reviews are undertaken to so as to maintain relevance as informed by the market surveys.
  • Maintain a tracking system of departmental cyclic course reviews (at least once every four years) and provide periodic reports on status.
  • Recommend to management departmental programmes due for review.
  • Recommend for the development or de-establishment of programmes based on the findings of the market surveys.
  • Validation of programmes for Quality Assurance based on CUE regulations
  • Strive to establish viable net-works with renowned World-Class Universities with the principle purpose of elevating Moi University to a higher pedestal in terms of the Quality of its programmes.
  • Devise programmes that will act as motivational platforms for both staff and students of Moi University and whose intention and purpose will be to enhance quality of our programmes.
  • Provide a secretariat for the Quality Assurance Board.

Senior Deputy Director– Curriculum& Research Services, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development


  • Coordinated curriculum design, development, implementation and Evaluation for all levels of the education sector in Kenya except the university
  • Coordinated Education related research at the institute
  • Manage and supervise a staff of 125 professional curriculum and research personnel
  • Controlled finances and all programmes in the department
  • Design and saw to the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation system for the implementation of the curriculum in schools in Kenya
  • Coordinated the Digitization of the curriculum in Kenya ( e- content)
  • Undertook systematic appraisal of the staff vis-à-vis performance targets
  • Saw to the establishment of the East African Journal of Educational Research (EAJER)
  • Coordinated the Summative Evaluation of the current Education system for the primary and secondary levels in Kenya
  • Performed administrative duties as the Deputy to the Director of the Institute