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Prof. Laban Ayiro has achieved a lot in publications and many of his publications and journals are available in Amazon. You can also directly place and order of his books here.

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A functional Approach to Educational Research Methods and Statistics

“An engaging and informative text on educational research and statistics, this book tries to utilize outcomes of research for the benefit of humanity. The text examines how research is conducted across the major traditions of educational research (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods). It is designed for graduate students who want to pursue statistics, and it will help them to write their thesis. The book fulfills a need for a systematic account of research concepts and the use of statistics for advanced students. The fact is that research involves interrelated activities and educators practice research following a general sequence of procedures. This book is demarcated into sections that reflect each step in the process of doing a study.”–publisher website.

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You can access all the books and publications by Pro. Laban Ayiro

I keep on urging government to invest in good primary schools to study- It Moves with them as they grow.

Prof. Laban P. Ayiro