Ayiro. Africa

Travel Grants


  1. 1st African China Education partinership Forum on Higher Education Science & Technology July 10th -15th 2017-Beijing/Shangai China
  2. East African Community, to participate in the High Level Task Force (HLTF) to negotiate the East African Community Common Market Protocol in Kigali, Rwanda. US$ 6250. (June 8-17, 2009).
  3. East African Community, as a member of the Team of Experts on the Harmonization of Education System in East Africa in Arusha, Tanzania. US$ 1000. (May 3-6, 2009)
  4. IDRC PanAfrican Research Agenda, as a Kenyan delegate in an international meeting on the Pedagogical Integration of ICTs (PanAf) in Dakar, Senegal.US$ 1000. (April 22-23, 2009)
  5. East African Community, as a member of the Technical Committee on the Harmonization of the East African Education System and Training Curricula with the Team of Experts from the IUEA in Kampala, Uganda. US$ 1000. (April 15-16, 2009).
  6. World Bank, Participated in the South-South Learning Exchange visit (SSLEV) in India. The SSLEV is part of the New Economy Skills for Africa Program on Information and Communication Technologies (NESAP-ICT) World Bank Program.   The goal of the SSLEV was to facilitate knowledge sharing and partnerships to enhance competencies in using Information Technology (IT) in education and for catalyzing the emergence of the IT enabled services (ITES) in Africa. mainly as India’s experiences and success stories, the SSLEV aimed to engage the participants in exploring options to improve ICT skills/human capacity in their respective countries in order to support the IT and ITES industry and to increase employment opportunities. Bangalore, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, India.US$ 20,000. (February 8-21, 2009).
  7. UNESCO General Conference, as part of the government delegation and prepared a paper for the then Minister for Education, Hon. Prof. George Saitoti whose theme was “Provision of Basic Education in Sub-Saharan African” in Paris. US$ 10,000. (October, 2007).
  8. UNICEF, nominated to be part of a Senior Government of Kenya Delegation to participate in the decentralized planning process in Kerala, India. US$ 5000. (July 7-13, 2007).